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01 Dec 2016

The 6 Things You Should Avoid While Taking Bodybuilding Supplements

It is best to be aware what things need to be avoided while taking exercise supplements. I invite you to come along and peep over my shoulder as I take a deeper look into what body builders or athletes need to stay clear from.

Six Things to Avoid while Building Muscle

Body building enthusiasts need to adhere to certain restrictions for the sake of their bodies and their health. Let us break the culprits down for you.

Alcoholic Drinks

Even though you may be thoroughly impressed with the hunk of a man gulping down a half pint of beer that sports a perfect six pack coupled with muscular arms, do not believe it. Men who drink a lot will definitely develop a beer belly that covers their six pack. sale steroids online If you really want definition and are serious about your training, you need to give up drinking or at a minimum only drink one night of the week and not all night either.


Visiting the nearest Starbucks cafe in your vicinity on a daily basis won't do your body any good. Taking in caffeine is a sure no-no for anyone building muscle. That is the last thing you need at the end of the day when it is time for you to go to gym.


That is why it would be best to take a break from working out when taking medication. Taking illegal drugs are of course a whole different ball game and should not even come up into your mind.


Too much sex is not a good idea for people building muscle and taking body building supplements. It is exhaustive and tend to cause muscle strain in all the wrong areas. Nothing wrong in indulging in a few nights of passion every now and again, but certainly not every night.

Amino Acids

Supplementing with amino acids are common among athletes and should be avoided when taking body building supplements like Adderall as the L-glutamine may affect the absorption of exercise supplements

Energy Supplements

Supplements meant to give you energy should be avoided by people wanting to build muscles and that are on body building supplements, especially if it is Adderall due to side effects such as a rapid heartbeat, irritability and nervousness. By adding guarana or caffeine it serves to increase your risk of severe side effects that should rather be avoided when taking body building supplements.


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