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01 Dec 2016

Teen Muscle Building Tips

Teen body building has been growing in popularity and making them more confident and having a high self esteem. Most teenagers hit the gym to look good and to attract girlfriends or boyfriends. While this may be the surface motive for many, indirectly they are doing a lot of other good things to themselves too.

For most concerned, the main enquiry would be about the appropriate age from which teens should be allowed to go to the gym. This is difficult to answer in general. result steroids online The right age depends on how developed the body is to take in weight training. It would differ for different individuals. When you think your body is ready to absorb in the stress, go to the gym. While weight training should be taken after the age of 16, general fitness exercises and basic body building exercises have no age limits. It's a general notion that starting weight training at an early age would hamper the growth process. Cardio exercises and Calisthenics can be done by anyone, how young he or she may be.

For young gym enthusiasts, stress should be given on developing good health, general physical strength and flexibility rather than gaining size. That can come some years later.

The diet is perhaps the most important factor that should be taken care after if your child is a teenager and wants to be a body builder later. A good diet and nutrition is the most significant requirement for bodybuilding. Eating is a problem encountered by most teenagers. Either they don't have the time or they don't want to. Regular classes and schools restrict students to take the proper number of full meals each day. For the grownups, this is not an issue as they can take as many numbers of meals as they wish during the day. Thus they need to be provided with the maximum amount of nutrition in the few meals that they get to eat.

For teenagers and school goers, the breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Try to make the breakfast rich in proteins and carbs. Eggs can be a good option. They may be given around 3 eggs or more in a single serving depending on their age. Weight gain supplements can be added to the meal.

Successful bodybuilding requires a lot of servings. Since it is not possible with teenagers you have to punch two meals in between the ones that they take. Thus the three meals that they are to be served would be a mid morning one, one at mid afternoon and the third after dinner in the late afternoon. Since no meals will be allowed at schools, they are to be given 'liquid meals'. Non fat milk mixed with protein powder will be a good nutritious liquid to sip between classes. Fill their water bottles with it, or send in a thermos flask.

Aspiring body builders
should take in as much nutrition as possible. Thus the teenagers who are interested in body building should be given meals consisting of white meat which would include chicken breast, fish, turkey or lean red meat. The carbohydrates should be provided by rice, potatoes and any variety of salad. Have your protein supplements in between for weight gain and strength.

Maintain a good diet strategy and do regular exercises. Your body demands fuel for growth, repair and strength.


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