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09 Dec 2016

Are Taking Supplements Necessary for Building Muscle?

Most people would probably assume that building muscle and taking supplements would go together. As Paul McCarthy wrote years ago in Physician and Sports Medicine, "Mix one part fact with several parts ignorance; season with advertising, sprinkle on a need for that all-important competitive edge, and you have a recipe for protein supplements".

How do we actually build muscle? By physically exerting the muscles, we break down and damage the muscle fibers. Protein we consume is then broken down by the body to produce amino acids, which are transported to the muscle fiber to rebuild and over time increase muscle size. If in your diet you consume enough protein to rebuild those muscles properly, supplements will not be necessary.

The question becomes how much protein must be consumed in the diet in order to keep up with the muscle rebuilding process? phen375 US Today the average American consumes about 12% of his diet in protein, which under normal training circumstances will easily suffice.

Let's say, then, that you take more protein than your body can use. There has been a common misconception that because protein makes the kidneys work harder, kidney damage may result with an excess of protein. Additionally, high levels of protein consumed can lead to water loss as the body eliminates water to dispose of urea, a substance created in the breakdown of protein.

That said it is clear that excess protein will not cause any long-term health issues to any organs, but taken in excess of your total dietary needs can result in weight increase. In all of our articles on this subject we talk again and again on the importance of a healthy balanced diet. If a particular food is good for you, it definitely doesn't mean that twice as much of that same food is going to be twice as good for you. The body is programmed to take what it needs from the foods we eat, and whatever is left in excess even with the most nutritious foods will hopefully be eliminated, or unfortunately go into storage.

So to go back to the original question: are supplements necessary for muscle gain? If you are consuming a diet that provides everything the body needs, and that is not that hard to do with just a little knowledge, that should be good enough for just about every one of us.


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