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14 Dec 2016

Why Do Glutamine Supplements Sell So Well?

The next time you're at a health food store, take a moment to browse through all of the muscle building supplements. If you do, you'll probably be surprised by the vast collection of products ranging from protein powders to creatine bars and much more. Of course, some supplements have become more popular than others. Talk to weightlifters and bodybuilders about their favorite products, and you'll probably hear several products mentioned again and again. One such product is glutamine. You may have heard that the supplement is quite helpful when trying to build muscle, and you may even have been told that it is absolutely necessary to build any muscle at all. Is there any truth behind this?

There's no doubt that glutamine is important since it's the most abundant amino acid in the body. Do you actually have to take supplements to build muscle? The answer is definitely no. crazy deca You can experience significant muscle gain without any supplementation.

Will glutamine help my muscle building efforts at all? When trauma patients like severe burn victims were given glutamine, the patients did not lose as much muscle during their illness. Glutamine may be helpful in preventing muscle loss in extreme cases, but it is not necessarily that helpful for the average guy trying to build muscle.

Having said that, there's nothing wrong with trying some glutamine to see if it will enhance your workouts. Many protein shakes already contain glutamine. It's important to remember that these kinds of supplements will only give you a slight edge. You must make sure that all aspects of your training and diet plan have been optimized before you consider adding supplements. Otherwise, you'll just be wasting your time and money.


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